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Many years ago, our friend, the rector of Theological Faculty of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), found the following historical information about development of the name Pezdirc.

The roots of the name Pezdirc date back to the era of Turkish invasion of the Balkans. When the Turks reached the Dalmatian Coast on the Adriatic, the Catholic citizens of the town Posedarje (near Zadar in present-day Croatia) split into two groups. One group fled north and settled in the area of Bela Krajina (in the south of present-day Slovenia). The original population of Bela Krajina called the newcomers Posedarec, i.e. inhabitant of Posedarje. In the course of several centuries, the surname mutated via Pezdirec into the modern form Pezdirc.

The second group of citizens of Posedarje accepted Turkish rule, converted to Islam and can mostly be found in present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina. They were likewise designated as Posedarac, but the surname of this group changed in a different way and developed into the surname Pozderac.